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Greetings Montana Breeders Group:

After exhaustive brain-storming and extensive exploration of numerous options, the MBG Sale scheduled for September 8th of this year has been postponed/rescheduled for Sept 7, 2019. Although there was some past deadline interest, neither time nor numbers presented themselves as anything remotely feasible to the making of a successful horse sale. So the decision was made to wait, knowing that there are some outstanding suggestions in the recruitment process as well as the sale itself at the same time considering the cost to the consignor. So it is exciting, to say the least, that we now look forward to a “remodeled” up to date equine marketing attraction. One in which you will surely want to participate, either consigning or buying or both. Please keep this in mind, that we are open to any and all suggestions, the good, the bad and if necessary, the ugly - all the while emphasizing the fact that this group over the last 20 plus years takes justified pride in the respect that it garners from its presentation and concentration on the integrity and honesty of not only its horses but also its people consigning them. Thank each and everyone of you for your past and future interest and contribution to one of Montana's last best.

Mark A. Cole


MT Breeders Group 2019 Sale



Reference: 2017 MBG Sale Catalog


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A new website for the 2019 MBG Sale is in the works.



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